Frequently Asked Questions

Kindly read through these frequently asked questions from customers, you might find the answer to your unanswered questions.

Our products are 95 – 96% natural.
Because our clients love their scents, we carry both essential and fragrance oils. While essential oils are natural and beneficial for both scent and aromatherapy, fragrance oils are largely synthetic and beneficial for their scent only.

Our products will neither make you fairer nor darker in complexion, instead, they will enhance the natural glow of your God given complexion

Some of our products usually have a shelf life of 6 to 12 months, However most of our products such as liquid and bar soaps, clays and masks last well over a year. Shelf life is indicated on each product.

Organic ingredients are always natural. However, for an ingredient to be classified as organic, it has to adhere to specific standard of growth, harvest and production and also be certified as such.

Yes.  Besides being able to order on-line, you. An also visit us in store at Ocean Bay Estate in Lekki, Lagos

Atrial beauty requires discipline, patience and consistency. The human skin regenerates  every 27 to 28 days, you should begin to notice an improvement in your skin tone and texture just before this period, but it can also take a long time depending on the peculiarities of your skin problems.

Yes. We have tailored some of our products with universal/masculine scents for the menfolk. We also have our signature Hair and Beard Oil specifically curated for the men.

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